My short bio

Ars Poetica

I am Géza Kovács-Dobák freelancer journalist from Hungary, Budapest and I am writing, besides the US as my main focus, about Hungarian / Central-Eastern European politics and economics. Also, I will be experimenting with podcasts.12671700_488749747993109_213852916938233977_o

I like to keep my articles fair and square so that both side’s story is heard and observed. For this reason, I do not associate myself with political sides, I like to keep it in the centre and look at each case from its own perspective. I believe that truth lies in choices, yet I accept that in a so asymmetrical and distorted life with humans influencing every step of the way perfect choice doesn’t exist. As an economist I believe that every choice has its result and consequence; it is only we, who choose, what we should live with.

That is why I rather aspire to make people think and ask questions with my writings, then to tell them what to think.

Journalistic Influence

I started journalism at university besides my International Business studies in 2014 at the oldest Hungarian print university newspaper Közgazdász – Economist (not that one though). For 4 years, I had written for them both online and offline and I had polished my photographing and video editing skills as well. Between 2016-17 I was a foreign correspondent for European Student Think Tank, a European Charlemagne Youth Prize winner student initiative.

Recently, I have started taking journalism more seriously, and since then I have started contributing for Makronóm- Mandiner, as a foreign economic correspondent and for the Foundation for Economic Education as an economic journalist.

Besides, I have attended many conferences about the media, and I do give my own workshop about “Responsible Media Consumption in the 21st century” annually to a different crowd every year.

Some of this work enabled me to attend events like the European Youth Media Days in Brussels twice and most notably the Future News Worldwide conference in Edinburgh. The latter gave me a tremendous amount of motivation, inspiration, support, knowledge, and network what without I would not be writing these lines at all.

Into International

At a simulation as the Head of Press in Paris with the Press team of Global Times, Russia Today, Fox News and Reuters (in order of rows). [Photo credits: PIMUN]
I’ve spent quite a lot of time with Model United Nations in my university years, attending more than 20+ conferences. This passion of mine has nurtured me to get interested in (international) politics, but I was always more interested in economics, as I believe economic factors are usually the main drivers of politics. That is why I have continued my studies in International Economics MSc with a Double Degree Program in Groningen-Budapest. However, I did quite a few simulations of the press in the world of MUNs as I was Head of Press once in Vienna and once in Paris. Most notably though, I served a “public office” between 2017-18 as the President of the United Nations Youth Association of Hungary (more commonly known as International Diplomatic Student Association)

Free for Freelancing

Although I dedicate my site for articles and podcasts, I do practice many forms of journalism, be it photographing, multimedia or editing.

Az utolsó adag képünk a Balaton Sound Official 2015-ről, jó emlékidézést! 🙂 Fotók: Fesztiválok Városa / Kovács-Dobák Géza

Közzétette: Fesztiválok Városa – 2015. július 13., hétfő

I did a few fun freelance jobs in between, be it photographing or video producing and – editing for Fesztiválok Városa at festivals like Volt, Balaton Sound or Campus Festival. Some samples of these can be found above and under. These were mostly for the sake of bringing something interesting to the summer while doing some professional work.

I also did more referral-based jobs for entities like the British Council or Case Solvers to shoot videos or write reportage of their program that they have conducted during a period of time. For example, here is a video reportage for Case Solvers about their Solver’s Cup case competition:

So if you happen to be still reading this and you are interested in my service, I am happy to discuss the details with you.


However, I would like to devote this site for more of articles and videos about politics and economics of the US, Europe and Hungary which all of them are quite edgy topics.

So if you want to appreciate my work, give me an award, invite me to a conference to attend, write about an event, ask about my work or just give a high five in real life feel free to get in contact with me here.

If you have any complaints, something has upset you what I have written or generally, you don’t like my tone, please do get in contact with me here.